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Keep Cilantro Fresh

I have heard that some people do not like the taste of cilantro, that it almost has a soapy flavor to it. At our house thankfully we all love it, and I use it in almost every meal. I was tired of purchasing cilantro and by almost the next day many of the leaves were a brown, slimy, grossness. Ever have that problem? Well, my mother -in-law gave me the secret tip to keep cilantro lasting a long time!


Right when you get home and you are putting all the groceries away you need to pull the cilantro out of the bag and wash it up – get all the dirt cleaned off and separate it. Put it on a paper towel to air dry (this will usually be a few hours). Once it is dry get a new paper towel and wrap it up and put some saran wrap around it and put it in the refrigerator.

I did a little experiment and the cilantro stayed fresh with no slimy brownness for 8 days! On the 9th day there were a few spots that were starting to go but I was still able to pluck that off and use the cilantro for 4 more days!

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