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30 Days to a Stronger Child – Book Review and Giveaway


This will sound very cliche but when I was a kid all I ever wanted to do was be a mom. I would save up my money and buy things only to put them away in my hope chest for my future kids to enjoy. I have had fun giving my kids the things that I saved up for so many years, but as my kids have grown I have realized I need to give them so much more than the physical things I can buy. At times I get so overwhelmed knowing that I am in charge of this little person, in shaping who they will become. There are so many things that we teach them by example, and other things they just learn from being out in society. How do we make sure we are teaching them the most important things that will help them to respect themselves, and others? How to understand personal responsibility? How to choose true friends who will help you achieve your goals, and in turn, being a true friend to others?

This is where intentional parenting comes in. We have to make the time and address all these important issues that each one of our children will face in life. But that can be so incredibly overwhelming. Where do I start? How can I make sure I cover it all?

30 Days to a Stronger Child - Book Review

This is where 30 Days to a Stronger Child comes in. This book is truly amazing, written and complied by parents and therapists who have felt the same responsibility in teaching their children and helping other children cope with all the “real” world throws them, hoping that as these children are taught they will have the inner strength to resist outside pressures and feel empowered, to become the best that they can be, wherever their life choices take them.

I love the way the book is set up. In the introduction it explains that each one of us has 5 accounts – Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical. In order to have a balanced life, we all need to make sure our 5 accounts are “full”, otherwise we will begin to borrow from one of the other accounts to make up for it. An example they gave was when a person is lonely or sad, they might overeat to fill up the other account, borrowing from their physical account to fill their emotional account. When we allow several accounts to become low or empty, we end up experiencing anxiety, sadness, and even depression. Makes total sense right?!


The book is set up in an easy to use manner – 30 different concepts or ideas that will help our children keep their “balances” full, all the while learning to cope with the many things they are bombarded with on a daily basis. A few examples are Self Confidence, Community, Respect, Boundaires, and Gratitude to name a few. You can sit down with your kids and have meaningful conversations and create a connection with your kids that you both yearn to have, and when they feel like they need to talk to you about a problem or concern, that connection and communication line will already be there!

30 Days to a Stronger Child, Book Review -

Each concept is set up for you to teach your child,  have some discussion questions to make sure they understand the concept, some role playing or some activities that will help solidify the concept and apply it in their everyday life.


I tried utilizing this book and a few concepts with my daughter, one of them being Friendship. We talked about what characteristics are important in a true friend, how to stand up for yourself when a friend is asking you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with, that we don’t have to be best friends with everyone, but that we do need to respect everyone etc. I feel like she has really understood and actually applied what she learned by choosing to spend time with true friends these last few weeks, rather than being a follower to feel accepted by the “popular” kids.

The most wonderful thing about this book is that it is all there for me, and if I notice there is a concern on a particular concept with my kids, I can address it using 30 Days to a Stronger Child. I can also use it on a daily basis, or focus on one of the concepts for Family Home Evening. No longer do I feel overwhelmed about teaching my kids simple yet important concepts because it is all there!  So many options!

Because I loved 30 Days to a Stronger Child so much, they are giving me a free book to giveaway to one of our readers! Yay! The winner will be selected at random and will be sent by the author to you.

If you would rather just purchase the book on your own, Amazon has it available in paperback found at this link 30 Days to a Stronger Child If you want a kindle option that is available too 😉

So go ahead and enter in this awesome giveaway, I know this book will be valuable to any parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, teacher – pretty much anyone who is a big part of children’s lives.

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30 Days to a Stronger Child - Book Reveiw.



26 thoughts on “30 Days to a Stronger Child – Book Review and Giveaway

  1. Summer

    This book sounds really interesting. My kiddo has special needs and acts out a lot. I think this book could help me better understand his balances and help him recognize them in himself so that he can better self regulate and act more appropriately.

  2. Shantel

    I’m interested in helping by daughter feel confident standing up to more aggressive people. She is very mild and gets pressured easily. I’d like to get this in line while she is young.

  3. Stacey

    I’m mostly inspired by parents that care and find a unique way to reach their child’s needs. One day it may be encouraging a child that is overwhelmed or gentle disciplinary consequences or perhaps teaching a child to share or to say they are sorry. Love your stuff!

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