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T-fal -Ingenio Food Chopper Review

 T-fal Ingenio Food Chopper Review-

As cooking is one of the ways I like to de-stress, I was thrilled when Tryazon had a party offering kitchen gadgets to try from T-fal. I signed up for the party immediately and appreciate them sending me lots of cool and useful things for my kitchen in exchange for a review of what I truly think. I was very pleased as I was sent the following:

• T-fal Ingenio Rapid Chopper

• T-fal Ingenio Micro Edge Peeler

• T-fal Ingenio 4 Quart Bowl
• T-fal Zen 6” Utility Knife
• T-fal Ingenio Tripod Strainer
• Good Cook Poly Cutting Board
I invited some friends over to try out a recipe that is on our menu at least once a week along with some kind of meat – Cilantro Rice and Tomato Salad. Tomato Salad is basically pico de gallo without the heat and is a perfect pair with rice – its SO delicious!
 T-fal Ingenio Food Chopper Review-
This recipe was a perfect one to try out the Rapid Chopper. It takes quite a bit of time to dice and mince with this recipe,  so I was excited to see if I could shave some time of me being in the kitchen!
 T-fal Ingenio Food Chopper Review-
We cut our roman tomatoes in half, and then in quarters.
 T-fal Ingenio Food Chopper Review-
Threw them in the rapid chopper and gave them a spin. The thing I liked about it was that the bottom has some plastic grip so it stays right where it should while you pull the cord back.
 T-fal Ingenio Food Chopper Review-
This was just after 5 or 6 pulls on the cord- pretty much perfect! I will take it!
 T-fal Ingenio Food Chopper Review-
Next up was the onions – we sliced thin rings and cut those in half and threw them in the chopper –
 T-fal Ingenio Food Chopper Review-
I would say another win wouldn’t you? In about 10 seconds I had perfect diced onions!
 T-fal Ingenio Food Chopper Review-
Next up we did cilantro. This thing is so easy my kids actually fight over who gets to pull the cord- ha!
 T-fal Ingenio Food Chopper Review-
Mincing cilantro I was not completely convinced. It worked, but some of the leaves were sliced to a pulp, while other leaves were still full size. I would say it was just okay on mincing cilantro.
 T-fal Ingenio Food Chopper Review-
We diced all the ingredients together in less than two minutes. This recipe was definitely much quicker with the rapid chopper!
 T-fal Ingenio Food Chopper Review-
Add it to the cilantro rice and it is the perfect combination! If you have not tried it I definitely recommend you do, all of my party attendees (minus one who has an aversion to cilantro) loved it!
All in all I would give the rapid chopper a 9 out of 10. I loved how easy and quick it was! The options of what you could do are limitless – nuts, avocados, cutting up food for baby etc. I loved that it is not huge and takes up tons of space in my cupboard. If I need to take it with me somewhere on the go, or camping, it is perfect! The ease of use is amazing – my toddler loves pulling the cord! So we will give it two thumbs up for sure!
What is one of your favorite kitchen gadgets to use?
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