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Sweet Creations by Good Cook-Review

I was given some Sweet Creations cupcake making products in return for a review through #Tyazon with #Oodletips.  All opinions are my own.

blog-cupcakes11Sweet Creations is the newest product line of Good Cook.  They have over 200 products and seasonal items to inspire your baking creations.

They sent me some fun things to try out including:

o  Cupcake Stand

o  Cupcake Divider

o  Cupcake Corer

o  Cupcake Batter Scoop

o  Cupcake Boxes

o Cupcake Liners

o Oodletips

We didn’t want to keep all this fun to ourselves so we invited some family over for a cupcake decorating

I thought I would tell you about each item, what it is for and what I think about it to help you know if these products would be something you might want to try.

Before anyone came over I made a few different kinds of cupcakes so they would be all ready to decorate. It gave me the opportunity to try out the batter scoop as well as these cute liners! They have all kinds of fun prints available.


The batter scoop- The ability to measure the batter so my cupcakes were the same size is a nice idea but because it doesn’t really click into place, they came out differently. It did scrape the batter into the liner nicely, but there is something about the angle of the thing.  In order not to let the batter fall out while I moved it to the liner I had to tip it back which made it hard to scrape the bottom of the scoop so it wouldn’t drip. Also didn’t want to dip the handle and my hand into the the bowl of batter while scooping it out, so I had to tip the whole bowl sideways…long story short, it felt a little awkward and was a little more messy than it was supposed to be.  I prefer pouring it from my batter bowl that has a pouring

I tried the cupcake divider as well.  I was expecting them to be a pliable rubber but then I pulled it out of the package and they are a hard plastic.  I thought, ‘yeah right, these are not going to work’.  Well, I was wrong.  They did work.  Look how cool it

When everyone got here I showed them a few videos to get the creative juices flowing AND to show how to use the Oodlestips.  Here is a fun one to watch.

My opinion of the Oodletips? I think they are ok.  I prefer the metal tips as they create a more defined design BUT I think these are great for something quick and simple.  I love that they are disposable and I don’t feel guilty throwing them away.  I did wash one by hand to see if its worth doing and they are washable but I don’t think I would take it beyond a second use.  They are great for if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to put together a real frosting bag and tip.  Also, you won’t have a problem with the tip detaching from the bag like some other disposable bags/tip units.  blog-cupcakes21

The Oodletips were perfect for our cupcake making party. It was nice to have a number of them and people could choose what tip they wanted just by cutting it in different places. People didn’t have to wait around for a certain tip, they just made their own. blog-cupcake21

I collected some fun toppings for everyone to try and made some chocolate buttercream, regular buttercream and some cool whip frosting to use. We filled some Oodletips and chose which tip we wanted- Small, medium or star.  We added color to some of the frosting for specific

We tried the the scoop which allows you to take out the middle of the cupcake and fill it with something. Some fillings to try might be pudding (I tried it and it’s so good), caramel, a marshmallow, jelly or some kind of pie filling, fudge, cool whip, etc.  I really liked the scoop. It took my cupcake making to a whole new

In this picture my mother-in-law scooped out the middle and put a coconut marshmallow inside.  MMMM!!blog-cupcakes10

When everyone finished we displayed the cupcakes on the cupcake stand.  Everyone did great!!  The cupcake stand is nice if you need something NOW and want it at low cost.  It feels a little cheap to me but I love that it comes apart and flattens down for storage.  There was a point where I decided to move the cupcake stand with all the cupcakes on it and I wish there was a lip on the edges so the cupcakes wouldn’t slide off.  Another thing that would be nice is to have a turntable on the bottom so you can turn it around.  I was trying to take pictures of all the cupcakes and in order to turn it around and see the other cupcakes, I had to pick it up and turn it.  It was hard to keep the cupcakes from falling off when doing

blog-cupcakes17Something else I like about the cupcake stand is that it has cake pop holes.  So not only does it display cupcakes but also cake

What better way to send cupcakes home with someone, or deliver them to a neighbor, than these cute boxes.  These are perfect!! They come with a divider inside for the cupcakes.  It holds them securely in place.  I love the see through window on top to see the cute cupcakes you made.  The divider can even be taken out and the box can be used for cookies as well.  I loved these boxes, cute design and sturdy for carrying cupcakes

Sweet creations has all kinds of fun gadgets, bake wear, and packaging.  I think they are really fun designs and for the most part they are great quality (the only thing that felt cheaply made was the cake stand).  I will be using their product in the future as they are inexpensive and perfect for my baking needs, which is pretty basic. I really want to try these decorating bottles.  I have a Pampered Chef version and we really like them but these look like better quality.  I have been wanting to buy more as they are great for children.



Sweet Creation products are available for purchase on amazon and they say they are available at Walmart within the Parties & Occasions section. I looked at my location of Walmart and couldn’t find them, hopefully you can find them at yours.

I think they are worth a try especially since they are inexpensive and great for simple parties like we had here. Happy Baking!!


Sweet Creations by Good Cook/ See my what I think of the newest line of baking products by Good Cook/

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