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Light The World 2017/ Family Advent

The very reason I blog is to try and help others find joy and hope in life by sharing my experiences, hopes, talents, and beliefs.  I want to do what I can to light the world, which makes me so excited for the Christmas season and the opportunity to join others around the world in the #LightTheWorld initiative.

No matter who you are, what you believe, where you live, you can be a part of lighting the world. Find ways to do what Jesus Christ taught, and in doing so, we can bless others by sharing our talents, sharing our knowledge, sharing the things we have, therefore bringing light to those around us.

Last year I made an effort, each day, to do something to grow closer to Christ by sharing with and serving others.  This year I want it to be more of a family effort rather than an individual effort. shared this calendar to encourage 25 days of love and service by giving a scripture that shows things Jesus taught.

Download HERE

I decided to sit down with my family at our family council and figure out how we can be a part of this initiative together.  We began by writing down people that could use love and service- Widows, neighbors, friends, homeless, elderly, lonely, sad, sick…

Then, as we looked at the calendar with scriptures on it, we came up with some simple ways to serve and love others each day.  Our life is pretty crazy, so to add something big each day felt overwhelming.  We chose a few bigger things that would take some effort, but for the most part, we chose things that were realistic for us, that we could actually accomplish.

I LOVE advent calendars and have a small collection to count down the days till Christmas.  I found this one at Michaels a couple of years ago and we’ve decided that it’s perfect for this initiative. We can print off our chosen ways to share light this year and put one in each pocket on the calendar to take out and accomplish each day. Maybe I will even add a chocolate kiss to each pocket.

Feel free to print and use our list, or use ours to inspire your own list. Cut out each day and put one in each pocket of your calendar.

If you don’t have an advent calendar to use, just clip each day in order onto a string.  Take one down each day. Another option would be to create a chain by taping them in circles, connecting each circle to the last, creating a chain.  Then each day, take one link off.

You could also make one of these advents that Kirsten shared a couple of years ago.

May this Christmas season be extra special and Christ centered.  I wish you the Merriest Christmas as you Light The World!!

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