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2 Silly Valentines for Kids

Whoopee Valentine:

My mom made a comment the other day, at a baby shower no less, that our family conversations always seem to turn to pruts (said prōōts).  Do you know what a prut is?  Prut is the Danish word for fart.  My mom hates the word fart so all growing up we were taught to say prut. My Grandma (Mormor, Danish word for grandma) was from Denmark, so my mom was also taught to say prut. Well, mix the Cunningham boys with some Grappendorf boys and you get a whole lot of boys talking fart/prut.  By the way, the only reason our baby shower conversation turned to pruts is because we were talking about our husbands and babies. LOL

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Anyway…so it came with no surprise that my 6 year old wanted to give whoopee cushions as a Valentine gift to all his friends this year.  I was so happy that I was able to find 3″ whoopee cushions in bulk on Amazon. I would think that you can find them at a party store as well if you run out of time to order online.  These came faster than it said  though, even though they’re not Prime.

I made a few free printable Valentines to put with the cushions.  You can print them for free HERE and HERE. After cutting them out I had my child sign his name on each card. Then I used some twine to wrap them around it and….simple as pie…they’re done. I thought it would be best to keep them in the package so the kids would be more likely to wait till they get home to start playing with them.  Can you imagine a room of 27 kindergartners playing with whoopee cushions? Their sweet, kind, patient teacher might show a whole other side of herself.

Mustache Valentine:

For my 9 year old I knew I had to do a mustache Valentine, when I saw these mustaches at the dollar store. They match his personality so well.

Print off these free Valentine Printables and use a glue dot or double sided tape (keeping the protective paper on the back of the mustache so the kids can use them when they would like) and put the mustache onto the card where the mustache is printed..  It’s a super simple alternative to the traditional candy Valentine.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and enjoy your loved ones.


Whoopee cushion and mustache Valentines/2 Silly Valentines for kids/


2 thoughts on “2 Silly Valentines for Kids

  1. Kirsten

    Oh my goodness! I love these Valentines- especially the whoopie cushion! I know my little is going to want to give these away, and I think that the valentine is perfect for kids!!

    1. Meg Post author

      Thanks Kirsten, we are excited to pass them out. I think the kids at school are going to get a kick out of it. I was sure to leave them in the bags they came in so maybe the kids would wait till they get home to play with them. Teachers might not be happy with me if all 24 kids start playing with them in cleass LOL.

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