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Light Saber Valentines- Otter Pop Cozy

Light Saber Valentine/ for this fun otter pop cozy made into a ValentineI have a preschooler this year!! One of the fun things about having a preschooler is because of the small numbers in the class when holidays come up, like Valentine’s Day, I can do something fun to give the children in his class.  So, I’ve decided to make these light saber otter pop cozy’s and thought I would share them with you. Maybe I will get ambitious and make enough for my other boys (that would mean about 60 more), MAYBE.

I’ve put these in my etsy shop ,Sew Beyond Beautiful, (as a ten pack) for those who have no desire to make them yourselves.  If you are local to Utah and want avoid shipping you can private message me through our blog facebook page.

Back in the days that I subscribed to magazines, I saw a picture of these in Family Fun.  They looked easy enough so I played around with felt and a glue gun and came up with a way to make them.  I have made them for parties and such and I know that the kids will get a kick out of them for Valentine’s Day.

Items needed:

  • Felt squares- grey, black and any other colors you want to use (one square of gray makes 12, one black makes about 24 and scraps of any colors you may have)
  • Glue gun and glue stick
  • Free Valentine printable
  • Otter Pops (frozen or not- you choose)
  • razor blade
  • Fabric scissors
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler (optional)

First cut the the gray square into 12- 3″x 4″ pieces.

Cut 12 strips of black at 1/4″

cut 12-1/2″ circles out of the colors you want and then 12 more out of black.

Print the free Light Saber Valentine printable and cut with a razor blade on the dotted lines.

Watch the video showing how to assemble

or follow these instructions:

Make three lines of hot glue about 1/2″ apart on the lower half of the gray rectangles.  Place a black strip on each one, trimming where necessary.

Holding the rectangle face down, fold left side into the middle.  Add hot glue down the length of that left side and fold the right side over onto the hot glue barely overlapping.  shift the seam to the middle.

Pop open the bottom of the light saber and put a strip of hot glue along the bottom, just inside.  Press closed and hold till it cools.

Looking at the front of the light saber, add a dot of hot glue in the middle just above the three black lines and then another about 1/2″ above that one.  Put a black circle on the bottom dot and a colored circle on the top dot.

You are done with the cozy.

Now slide the Otter Pop into the cozy and then slide the other side of the Otter Pop through the card where you made the slit. If you feel that you need to add some stability (it all depends on the card stalk you use) you could then glue these onto another piece of card stalk (maybe a black) that would just frame this card.  Some that I made later on a different card stalk, that wasn’t as thick, felt very flimsy so they need a little more strength to hold the unfrozen otter pops.  

Enjoy giving out something unique and fun this Valentine’s Day.  These light saber cozy’s are really great party favors for those Star Wars fans out there as well.  So be sure to pin it for later.


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