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Sock Lollipops (lollisocks)- with free printable

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to go see our girls (the girls in our stake) up at Oakcrest, an LDS girl’s camp for those who have completed 7th grade. I like to take them a little gift, and figured that other leaders would bring them treats, so I decided on something else they might use.

I found out that the week’s theme was DISNEY with the overall theme: I Am Empowered Through My Faith In Christ, with the scripture reference Moroni 7:33-“And Christ hath said:If ye have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.”

Thinking of a gift to give them, my mind went straight to princess.  Then I thought, ‘what could be useful to them on camp, as well as fun? SOCKS!’ I jumped online to look for Princess socks that weren’t too expensive, since we had 31 girls there.  I found some socks online that were perfect and only 99cents on sale at Maceys.  I was so excited, imagining how I could wrap them in a cute way. By the time I got to check out, it said there were no more in stock. GRRR, why would it let me put them into the cart if there were no more? GRRR

So back up plan= no princess socks.  When I gave up on the whole princess sock I changed the way I wanted to package them as well. I thought that Sock Cupcakes might be fun to give them. But I couldn’t find fuzzy or knee high socks that would for my budget. I ended up finding some cute ankle socks at Target.  Being ankle socks, I couldn’t make a cupcake (I guess I could have, but it would have been a mini) so I went in search of another fun way to wrap them.  When I came across a sock lollipop on Etsy I decided that was it.

Items needed:

  1. Ankle socks
  2. Strips of clear plastic (I cut a clear cellaphane bag into about 1″ strips)
  3. sucker sticks
  4. card stock
  5. tulle- I used about 1/2 yard for 31 lollisocks
  6. ribbon- I used scraps, it takes about 3-4″ per lollisock
  7. scotch tape, scissors, hole punch

Take a pair of the socks and fold them in half,lengthwise.

Then roll them tight, creating a circle.


Wrap one of your clear plastic strips around the outside of the sock roll and tape it so they stay in the circle shape. 

Now find a cup or another circle object about the same size as your circle socks. If you are making a large number of lollisocks, fold a sheet of cardstock in half, then half again, and again, then trace your circle and cut.  You should have about 7 circles at this point, so do more or less according to the amount you need.

Attatch a sucker stick to each circle with tape.

Cut 8″ circles from your tulle.  I did this similar to how I cut the cardstock.  Grab a small plate that is the size you need and fold the tulle over and over so you can cut many at a time.  Trace the plate on the tulle then cut the circles out. Lay a sock roll on top of the cardstock circle.

Then wrap a tulle circle over top and gather the edges at the bottom.  Tie a piece of ribbon there to hold it, tying it in a knot then cut to the desired length. This step is much easier with someone esle’s help, but it can be done alone using your teeth- which is how I did it LOL.

I created tag the says “Do Not Lolly,but Walk Steadfast in Christ” to share an uplifting message. Print the tag here.  Then cut them out and punch a hole about 1/2″ from the top center and 1/2″ from the bottom center.  Then slide it over your lollisock stick.

These cute lollisocks can also be fun gifts for teachers, Christmas, Easter, etc.  Just change the tag accordingly.


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