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2 Easy DIY Fall Garlands

FALL, One Of My Favorite Seasons

I just LOVE fall.  That slight chill in the air, sweaters, harvest time, pumpkins, and I feel like things slow down, just a tad, before the holiday rush.  Boy have I needed some time to slow down.  This summer has been so so crazy for me with Trek, my mom’s wedding and sending off my missionary along with all the normal craziness of a mom. As much as I love crafting, I have needed something simple to start my fall decor off this year, so I came up with these two SUPER EASY garlands as part of the Inspire My Creativity Link Party.

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I know many people who like the look of handcrafted items, but feel that they have no ability to make things.  Well, ANYONE can make these garlands, they are so easy and quick. At this point, if you still choose not to try, I sell these at The Quilted Bear in Draper Utah and also have some up in my Etsy shop.

Garland #1 Items needed:

  1. String , I like using a burlap type string like this. About 1  1/2 yards
  2. Felt Leaf stickers-I found these at Hobby Lobby
  3. old book
  4. paper punch
  5. scissors

Book Pages

Decide how many leaves you want on your garland and pull that many pages out of your book.  I like to do 9-11 pieces when I make garlands, depending on how big the piece is.

Trim each page down to your preferred size.  I made mine 4 1/2″x 3″.

Take one page that you have cut and gently fold it lengthwise being careful NOT to crease it on the fold, just bend the paper enough to connect the two corners.  On the bottom, cut at an angle from the corner to the middle- I like it a little less than 45 degrees- to create a dovetail. Now use that page as a guide to cut the other pages you have trimmed.

Using the paper punch, punch a hole on each corner of the top.  Not too close to the edge.


Peel the paper from the sticker and place the felt leaf onto the middle of each page.  I like to put them at different angles.

Thread string through leaving about 9″ on the end, then slide the leaf dovetails to the desired position.  I usually leave about 1 1/2-2″ between each one.


Now go and decorate.  Garlands can give just the right touch to any decor.

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