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Disney’s Animal World Review

*Disclosure- I received the mentioned product courtesy of the sponsor for the purpose of this review. All opinions are genuine, based on my experience with the product, and have not been influenced by promotional items.

This past winter my husband had a business trip in Florida. Our little daughter and I were lucky enough to get to go with him, and when his business was done we made a little side trip over to Disney World for a couple of days. So much fun!!! I never thought I’d ever go there, so when we walked through the security into the park, I got a little teary eyed. Growing up, there were seven of us kids and not lots of money to go around so Disney Land wasn’t something we ever got to do. Now I was experiencing Disney as an adult with my little 3 year old and it was amazing! One of the days we chose to go to the Animal Kingdom, which was awesome! Our daughter loved seeing all the animals from different parts of the world. When Tryazon offered this new Disney Animal World set to review, I knew my daughter would love it, and I was right!

I hosted a little Animal World party for some friends and their children to give them a chance to see how their kids liked this toy.  This new play set features all your favorite classic Disney characters – Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daffy, Goofy and Pluto. They are all dressed up for adventure in their safari outfits. The set also features all kinds of animals – elephants, lions, giraffes, hippos, and lots more! It came with a set of books, each one sharing information on various types of animals.

A play mat that looks like terrain from where these animals would live adds another dimension to the fun! A handy box to keep everything in when not being played with was really nice! And they included a cute backpack in bright blue, yellow and green with Mickey & Minnie on it so kids can carry some of their toys with them to a friend’s house if desired. My daughter was so excited to play with these animals and has spent at least an hour each session of play devoted to these toys. She has used her imagination and incorporated some of her other toys into the play, she’s even incorporated some of our furniture to expand the animal’s world!

Looking at one of the books, learning about leopards.

These toys do not come all at once in a set, but it is rather a subscription program. Here are the details, straight from Tryazon:

“By subscribing, guests will receive the first two books (with figurines) for free

with $4.95 shipping and handling.

After subscribing, every month guests will receive 4 new issues of Disney Ani-

mal World, each issue comes complete with hardback book and 2 figurines

for just $7.95 plus $1.95 shipping and handling for each book/figure.

With the subscription, guests will receive 4 fantastic FREE gifts: Book storage

box FREE with shipment; Playmat FREE shipment; Backpack FREE with ship-

ment; Animal storage box with shipment. Free gifts are only available with

an active subscription. If the subscription is cancelled prior to a free gift be-

ing due, guests will not be entitled to receive the free gift or any subsequent

free gifts. They may also receive up to 4 special shipments per year of se-

lected items to complement their collection. They will receive details and

pricing in advance so they can notify the company if they do not wish to

receive them.”

To be honest, this description of how the subscription process works is a little confusing to me. I’m not clear on how many figurines come with the first two books. I also am not clear on how much you’re getting and for what price once you have subscribed. Every month you’ll get 4 new issues (is that one issue per week or all four once per month?) and it’s $7.95 and $1.95 shipping for EACH book/figure? So is that more like close to $35.00 per month or is it close to $10.00 per month? I’m just not clear on all that. I think they should make that process more clear for customers. Here are some links to give you more information and allow you to sign up for the subscription process if you like: and

For our party we had some fun snacks that went along with our Animal World theme.

These “Happy Hippos” were super cute and delicious too!

We had Monkey Food (bananas), Happy Hippos, Animal Crackers, Snakes (sour watermelon gummy worms), and Zebra Cakes. We also had fruit juice that came in fun animal water bottles.

I would probably give this toy 8 out of 10 stars. I think the toys are well made and are great for probably up to 3 or 4 years old. Some of the children that came to our little party were 5 years old and became bored rather quickly. The younger children – from 1 year up to 4 did have fun and enjoyed playing with the toys for a longer period of time. I like that they come with a book full of facts and photos of the real animals, making this an educational toy. I’m not fully certain I like the subscription idea. I think to start out a child needs more than one book and two figures. I don’t think it would hold their attention for long, however the idea of having more coming in the mail could be exciting for little ones.

My little girl loves to use the lid of the storage box for part of her play.

What are some of your favorite educational and imaginative play building toys?


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8 thoughts on “Disney’s Animal World Review

  1. God Girl

    This still does not indicate how many books are in the set. That is the information I am trying to find out so I know the final cost of the set.

    1. Kirsten

      Thanks for commenting God Girl! We totally agree – the website does not indicate the total cost. We tried asking a few people and we could not get a straight answer. I apologize we don’t have a definite answer for you.

      1. Sez88

        Hello, here in the UK the advertisement states it is 100 issues! The first 2 are £1.99 for both then £5.99 for the rest, so it would come to nearly £600!

  2. Stacey M Marner

    There is around 100 books, and I pay 34.95 a month for 4 books and 2 toys per book, plus every 4 months i get the “special” for 19.99. My child loves it and it’s not a bad price, especially how nice the toys are n the books, we make it a routine every night to read a book and play the search and find that is in the book.

  3. Alicia

    So I signed up for this a few weeks ago and got my first shipment – 2 books and 4 toys. I thought they were nice enough, and somewhere i had read that the future shipments were $7ish plus shipping, which comes out to $11ish per month. I guess what I failed to realize is that they ship 4 issues a month? They definitely do not email before shipments are sent (dishonest) do when I got a charge for almost $40 I called to see what had happened. The rep was nice and said my package had already shipped but I should have it within a few days, and I could then send it back and get refunded. Maybe you guys can afford this, but I can’t. And 8n my opinion, the animal toys weren’t worth the price. Flimsy and cheap feeling. Anyway, I hung up the phone feeling satisfied, but then my package never showed. I called today and was told different info than what the last person said, and now I am just sitting around waiting for this mystery package to show do I can send it back and wait to get my money back. All this around Christmas time when I need the money for other things. (I was going to hang onto these first few shipments and give them to my daughter as a Christmas present, but I can buy a lot of other things with $40/month.

    1. Kirsten

      Thanks for leaving your review Alicia! We were not sure about the process so I am glad you are sharing your experience! I hope your daughter enjoys what you have chosen to keep, and you guys have a great Christmas!

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