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2 Easy DIY Fall Garlands

Garland 2 items needed:

  1. String- again the burlap string is great
  2. Burlap leaves- found at Hobby Lobby
  3. 2 1/2″ wide linen ribbon- also found at Hobby Lobby (this one is wired)
  4. Hot glue gun and gluesticks
  5. Scissors


Cut 4″ pieces of ribbon, how ever many you want in your garland.  This particular bag of leaves comes with 12 but I chose to do 9 because in the pattern I was making, there wasn’t enough green leaves to make it longer than that. If you don’t like the wire in the ribbon, now would be a good time to pull it out.

Make a dove tail by folding the ribbon in half, lengthwise.  Then cut the bottom at an angle from the corner, up.  To get the same angle on each one, measure the same distance on the folded edge, as shown in the picture.


These burlap leaves didn’t come with a sticky back like the leaves in the last garland, so you get to hot glue these on.  Be sure not to use too much glue.  You want a thin layer so that it doesn’t seep through the leaf and look icky. Or even worse, burn you as you push the leaf onto the center of the dovetail ribbon. **you can use a pop sickle stick to push the leave onto the ribbon if you want to be sure not to get burned.**

Put all your pieces in the order you want and then glue the string to the back, making sure to space them as you would like.  I spaced mine at 2″. 


Now find a way to display it.

I hope your fall decorating is relaxing and enjoyable for you. Check out some more fun fall craft and decor ideas below in the Ispire My Creativity link up ENJOY!


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Join us next month for some fun embroidery hoop ideas.


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