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Christmas Plate DIY

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I recently took a trip to Deseret Industries in search of items that can be used for some Christmas decor projects that I have been wanting to make.  I often see things in stores that I like, but don’t want to pay triple what I could make it for.  I also get something in my head that I want, and could swear that I have seen it somewhere, but then I can’t find it ANYWHERE.  That’s when I turn to making it myself.  The best place to start with many DIY projects is a second hand store like DI.


This last trip to DI was very successful, although you can’t always expect to find what you want every time, so I keep a running list of items I am watching for.

A DIY project I love to make for different holidays is a plate to display.  There are so many possibilities for each holiday.  I knew I wanted one for Christmas so a plate was one of those things on my list.

I look for a plate with no scratches and that has a fun design around the edges.  I found one for 75cents!! Once you find your plate all you need is some vinyl (A great place for vinyl is Regional Supply in Salt Lake City Utah or you can go to Micheals or Joann with a coupon- can’t use it on Cricut brand though) and an easel for display, I found mine at DI for 75cents!

I jumped on Cricut Design Space to look for a fun holiday picture or saying to put on my plate.  I decided on this Dec. 25, click HERE if you would like to use it.  I measured my plate where I would put the vinyl and found that 5″ would work. I love that I can do this on my iPad since the Cricut Explore Air has bluetooth.  Then I don’t have to move my machine by my computer.blod-plate

I found some scraps of vinyl that were big enough for my project and started cutting.  First the red frame, then the black numbers and letters.  If you don’t have vinyl scraps, go to a place like Joann or Micheals and use a coupon, you will have to buy a different brand than cricut though, no coupons on cricut


Here you can use a transfer vinyl to move the vinyl to the plate, I chose not to.  This is a small enough project that I felt it would be easy enough to do it myself.  I lightly lay the vinyl where I want it making sure I get it just right.  Then when I know it is where I want it (centered on the plate) I rub my finger across it and then use my finger nail to get all the bubbles

If you look closely at the picture above, on the bottom of the red frame.  You can see that there are a few little bubbles in the vinyl, those are little pieces of something. That bugs me.  So what I did was carefully lifted that section and  scraped of the dust or crumb that was there with my fingernail.  Then laid it back down and rubbed it with my fingernail again.

There we go, easy as pie!

(MAJOR TANGENT- as I was typing up that phrase “easy as pie” the thought came to me, ‘that was so much easier than pie, making pie takes so much more time and is more difficult.  WHO came up with that phrase?’ Some of the phrases I grew up with and say often, stop me in my tracks sometimes, and I wonder what the heck they mean, and why we say them…whatever!)

Add a few other decor pieces and a plate can make a beautiful addition to your holiday decor.  And look!! I even used the easel I found at DI for 75cents to hold the plate.


Happy treasure hunting and decorating!!




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