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Last Minute “He is Risen” Wood Block DIY

There’s nothing like waiting till the last minute right? Yeah… well, I hate doing things last minute but sometimes that’s just the way it goes. If my mom hadn’t texted me last weekend, asking about our Easter plans, I wouldn’t have known this Sunday was Easter.  I was still thinking we were in the first week of April and I had plenty of time.  STORY OF MY LIFE!

Every year I like to add to my Easter decor and I this year I got a few bunny things, but I really wanted to add something more on the spiritual side as well.  I feel like it’s never too late to make (or get) holiday decor, because if you don’t use it this year it just means you are early and well prepared for next year.

So here is my last minute Easter decor piece that I share with you because it’s so darn easy and if you don’t make it for this year, make it for next year.  Plus,  you can really keep up your Easter decor through the end of April, right?

Items needed:

  1. 6x6x2 inch block of wood (sanded)
  2. Plastic glove and old sock
  3.  Stain
  4. Glossy Topcoat clear spray
  5. Vinyl
  6. Cricut transfer vinyl (optional)
  7. Cricut
  8. Flowers of choice
  9. Staple gun
  10. Glue gun

With a gloved and socked hand, stain your wood.  I originally had painted mine with a watered down acrylic but I didn’t like the color so I stained over it with this neutral base, semi-transparent stain, so I’ve got a mixture of colors.  This particualr stain looks a little more  like weathered wood when I use it alone.

Once your stan has dried, spray it with a clear, glossy topcoat and allow to dry.  If you’re in a hurry, you can use a blow dryer on medium heat.

While your topcoat is drying you can cut the “He is Risen” on your cricut.  Here is the one I designed that you can use if you would like. I used transfer vinyl to make it easier to keep in place and transfer to the wood block.  If you don’t have the transfer vinyl, you will just place each piece separateley a rub onto teh wood well.

Place longer flowers/grasses down first and staple them on with your staple gun.

Then hot glue smaller flowers on over the staples.

And there you have it.  Your very own, super easy, handmade, Easter decor piece that is more about Him.  Remember, even if you wait till after Easter to make this, you can still keep it up for a couple more weeks AND you will be that much more ready next year!  

Enjoy your Easter celebrations!!  SEE THE HAPPY!!

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