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Faith- Plant the Seed and Watch it Grow


“For verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” Matthew 17:20

This little man is my first born, and is an example of FAITH to me.  As a little boy Harrison desired to do good and be good.  He enjoyed life and soaked in all the world around him.  A seed of faith was planted at a young age and I have watched it grow throughout his life.

When we first moved into this home we live in now, Harrison was about 4yrs old and was having fun exploring our unfinished backyard.  He found an old can of spraypaint, the florescent orange kind used in construction.  The tip of the sprayer was gone and he wondered what would happen if he hit what was left of the spray mechanism with a hammer…he quickly found out.

I was just inside the door when I heard a small explosion and he started screaming, holding his eyes. The hit with the hammer caused what air was left in the can to be quickly released, spraying paint into his eyes.  I rushed him into the bathroom and was trying to flush his eyes with water from the sink.  That wasn’t working very well, so I filled the the bathtub with water and had him get in and try opening his eyes under the water, swishing his head around. As he did that, I read the bottle of spray paint to see what they recommend if paint gets in the eyes. (As a mother, all thoughts of the worst case are going through my mind. Flashes of taking care of a young blind child, I was so afraid).  The bottle said to flush the eyes, as we were doing, then get medical attention. Thank goodness my husband was home and could give him a preisthood blessing. After the blessing, I took Harrison to the instacare where the doctor was surprised that he could see no sign whatsoever, that spray paint had gotten in his eyes. We were thanking Heavenly Father for our little miracle that day.

As his 8th birthday aproached Harrison knew he would have the opportunity to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My husband and I explained to him what it means to be baptized and that this would be the first step he would take to live with our Heavenly Father again. When we’re baptized we promise to keep God’s commandments, take Christ’s name upon us and always remember Him, as well as love and serve others. In turn God promises us to forgive our sins, give us the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost and allow us to live with Him again.  Knowing these things, Harrison chose for himself to be baptized.  He met with the bishop (who at the time was his daddy, kindof a neat experience) and it was decided that he was ready for baptism.

The day finally came! We had invited many friends and family and planned a meal to share with all. When Harrison woke up that morning though, he was NOT feeling well and it gradually got worse as the morning went on.  I was beginning to think we should cancel (the last thing any of us wanted to do), when my husband offered to give him a blessing.  Harrison quickly complied and the blessing was given. I don’t remember the words of the blessing but I do remember that Harrison felt well enough to be baptized.  The day was beautiful and we enjoyed time with friends and family.  Harrison played with cousins and friends.  As soon as everyone left, the sick feelings that Harrison had that morning quickly fell upon him with full force.  We felt that a miracle had happened that day.  Harrison was able to feel good, be baptized and enjoy his day with all who came.

Now Harrison is 18 and will be sending in his mission papers soon. He has had the desire to serve a mission and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others since he was little. He’s in the middle of a very busy and stressful senior year with 2 college classes at school. After school he works, hoping to earn every last penny needed for his mission. He does some woodworking on the side to earn extra money and still tries to have time for friends and family.


Through all this he still has the faith to ask for a father’s blessing when it seems that the universe strives to destroy him. He also seeks guidance from Heavenly Father by reading the scriptures, studying his patriarcal blessing, praying, and asking for advice from my husband and I. I am so proud of this boy of mine.  I have enjoyed watching him grow up in the gospel. He has become all I ever dreamed him to be, as I imagined what he might become all those years ago.  As we read in the scriptures, “faith without works is dead.” (James 2:18) I believe this to be true as I have watched Harrison throughout his life. Faith takes action, whether we ask for a blessing from a preisthood holder, obey the counsel of a leader or parent (sometimes not fully knowing why), or do all we can do-then hope for the best. Faith grows little by little as we choose to act on what we believe God would have us do.

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A story of faith, from a child to a teen/Faith-Plant a seed and watch it grow/

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  1. beki

    Yes, if you plant seeds of Christ in children they will never forget. Your family is totally precious; all of you from your sisters to your mothers to your children. Born on this earth to bless. That is very evident. Thank you for sharing your precious family event. Keep planting seeds and sharing with us…the more you share the more others may re-plant.

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