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Grandpa Becks Games- Great Stocking Stuffers

*Disclosure- I received the mentioned product courtesy of the sponsor for the purpose of this review. All opinions are genuine, based on my experience with the product, and have not been influenced by promotional items.

Do you need stocking stuffer ideas?  Check out these fun games by Grandpa Becks  .  These have been a fun addition to our game closet, and I love that they come in very sturdy boxes.  Something extra fun is that each game comes with a recipe from Grandma Beck.

Cover your Assets-  This one is definitely more fun with adults or older kids.  My first time playing it was with my 13,8, and 11 year old children. It wasn’t our favorite, but I later realized we weren’t playing it completely right.  Then I played with my brothers and sisters-in-law where I learned that we were playing it wrong.  Realizing that you can only do one action per turn made more sense and that you are not required to discard.  I lost every time because I couldn’t cover those assets as quickly as I would like, so they were taken.  You never know where this game will take you.  All kinds of twists and turns.

Nutts about Mutts-


This one didn’t have a video but my kids enjoyed playing this one.  It is for ages 5+, great for the whole family.  I am so happy when we can find a game that even my little one can play.  I think my children’s favorite part is when a Mutt card is played and, like musical chairs, everyone has to claim a bone card by putting your hand over it.  If you don’t get one then you have to draw a card.

Golf- This one is played similar to Nine High (which is a family favorite).  Just like in golf you want the lowest score.


Skull King- We all enjoyed saying “yo ho ho” for our bid to predict how many tricks you think you can win for each round. This one, like Cover Your Assets, can take all kinds of twists and turns.  You can rarely predict what will happen.  This one would be especially fun if you get into character by dressing like pirates.  blog-games1

Merry Christmas to you all,  and Good luck with your Christmas shopping.

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