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Embroidery Hoop Witch DIY

I have been super excited to do another project for the “Inspire My Creativity” link up. When the topic was chosen to do something with embroidery hoops I was thrilled that a project that has been on my mind for a couple years now, will finally have a reason to get done.

A few years ago I found the hoop in this picture at Deseret Industries, a local thrift store here in Utah.  I love the way it looks, as I have never seen one like this with that kind of screw at the top.  It has floated around my craft room, just lookin’ cool.  Then I had an idea to make it into a moon with a witch flying through and that has been floating around my head for a couple of years.  Well, today is the day this project gets done.

So, this was going to be my picture of items needed for this post, but as I got going- I knew I had to change something.  I learned that you must have to have a special blade for the Cricut in order to cut fabric.  I was hoping that if I used the heat n bond it would make the fabric cutable, well….it didn’t.  I even tried two different ways and it just didn’t work, soooo I went back to my original plan of tracing clip art.  I still wanted to show you this picture because it is the only picture I have of that awesome hoop before I painted it.

I think it was meant to be that I couldn’t use my Cricut.  I’m sure that there are many out there without a Cricut, so now you all will know the way to do this Cricutless. Haha


Items needed:

  1. Embroidery Hoop– Choose your size- Mine is about 14″
  2. Yellow Cotton Fabric about 1/2 yd depending on the size of hoop you choose.
  3. Black cotton fabric about 1/4 yd also depends on hoop size
  4. Heat n Bond lite- I buy it by the roll but if you choose not to, 1/4 yd should do
  5. Printed picture of witch
  6. Spray paint for hoop
  7. scissors
  8. ribbon-(optional for hanging)

First step is to spray your hoop black so it can dry while you do the rest.  No need to spray the inside hoop- I found that out the hard way too.

While the hoop dries, print your picture of the witch.  If you want to use mine (this will be the easiest one you will find) here is the link. I downloaded it and then put it in word so I could make it the size I wanted, which was as big as I could make it on a horizontal layout. Trace your picture onto the paper side of your Heat n Bond.  **note that whatever way you trace your witch, it will be opposite when you put in onto your moon.  If you want it to face the same way as it is printed, trace your copy of the witch through to the back of the paper it is printed on. Then trace it from that onto your Heat n Bond.

Next you will cut around the witch NOT on the lines.

Iron the witch onto the back side of the black fabric following the Heat n Bond instructions.

Now you can cut ON the line. Once cut, peel the paper from the fabric.

Put your fabric into your hoop, where you want it to be. Place the witch, sticky side down, where you would like it to be on your moon. Once you have placed the witch, carefully remove the fabric from the hoop, not disturbing the witch.  Iron the witch to the yellow fabric

At this point you can stitch around the witch OR if you would rather not touch a sewing machine, just leave it be.  I like to sew around my applique, it gives the picture a finished look and keeps it from peeling, over time.  If you iron it good, this kind of project should be ok to last a while without sewing.

I used this stitch with a 4 stitch length.

Once finished with sewing or not sewing.  Put it back into your hoop stretching it as much as you can and placing it back where you had it originally.  Mine had left lines on the fabric from when I was placing the witch before. Once you have it in place where you want it, turn it over and trim the excess fabric.  

Now you are done, unless you think it needs bats.  I just so happened to have these felt bats I had used from another project and I feel that they add the perfect touch.  If yours needs bats, you can trace bats on the Heat n Bond and use the same method you did with the witch Or pick these up at Hobby Lobby.

Because of the way I wanted to hang my witch, I used some black ribbon to hang it.

I hope you enjoy this simple Halloween DIY with the Inspire My Creativity Link Party.  Check out some more fun embroidery hoop posts below.

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Join us next month with the theme of Snowflakes.



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  1. Kirsten

    You are so creative Meg! I was scrolling through and my little said “do you know the blogger that did that? It’s super cute!” I replied “I know! It was Auntie Meg!” Love this project! Such a fun way to add to your cute decor!

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