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DIY 2 Week Menu Planner

Every year I have “get organized” on my New Year resolution list (yes I get more specific but there is always something I need to organize in my life) and figured many of you are striving for it as well.

Many years ago I got so sick of planning dinners and then buying the food for those dinners, only to forget what dinners I had planned later in the week.  Also, I always had my family asking “what’s for dinner” and half the time I didn’t even know until later in the day when I had to try and figure it out. Another issue I was running into is forgetting many of the items needed for the recipe.  I found myself going to the store often since I couldn’t keep things straight in my head for more than a few days.  This was making me bonkers.  So I sat down and created this menu planner for my family and it solved all those problems.  It worked wonders for me and I’ve had many people ask about it and want it so MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Change it up as you need, every family runs differently so tweak it to work for you.  (Maybe you want to do a simpler magnet or maybe you like to shop every week.)

To start, because my husband gets paid every 2 weeks, I chose to do my shopping every 2 weeks and therefore I would make a 2 week plan.  I then gathered all my recipes that I know my family loves and compiled them into folders, creating my own book-yes I tare out the pages from recipe books and magazines.

As I started putting this post together I decided to break it up into 3 parts as this is quite the project and can seem discouraging if you look at all that needs to be done at once. I also simplified it a bit from when I made mine, I discovered some new products to make the process easier.

Part 1- Frame

Items needed:

  1. Picture frame (I found mine at a thrift store)- whatever size fits your needs, mine is 15 1/2 x 11 1/2 (measuring the inside corners)
  2. sheet metal (I found at hardware store in roofing section)
  3. tin snips (also in roofing section of a hardware store)- if sheet metal needs to be cut down
  4. Paint- spray paint or acrylic paint of your choice- for frame
  5. Cricut
  6. Vinyl


Measure the inside of your pictures frame (from the backside where the sheet metal will sit in) and mark your sheet metal for cutting. Cut it slightly smaller than the exact measurements so it is easy to slide in.  I cut mine at 15 3/4 x 12.  Spray paint or hand paint your frame the color you want.  While that is drying, measure then mark your sheet metal with a sharpie. Cut your sheet metal with the tin snips- be careful, the metal can be sharp.

Using a Cricut of any kind(I made mine with the old crucut using my George cartridge) cut out “What’s for Dinner” and stick it towards the top center of the sheet metal.  Once the frame has dried, set the metal inside your frame and secure.  I just bent the staples back that were there already.  This holds my sheet metal in.

Congratulations, you have finished the first part of your Menu Planner!!  See part 2 on next page

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