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2 Practical Neighbor Gift Ideas

blog-neighbor2We have lived in our home for 13 years, my husband has served as Bishop and now Stake President in our church.  So we’ve come to love many people around us.  I have to find something very cheap to be able to give to so many people.  This year I went with these two options.

Paper towels– who doesn’t use paper towels for something in their home.  Cleaning up spills, using as a napkin, cleaning around the house etc. I saw this idea at a boutique and had to use it this year.  I waited for the sale on paper towels at Smith’s Marketplace and snatched some up.  The tag says, ” While absorbing the holiday spirit may your blessings be bounteous and your worries wiped away. Let this gift say Merry Christmas in a helpful kind of way. Print tags

Ribbon– this idea came as I was clearance shopping the after Christmas sale at Micheals last year.  I was able to get 21 of these at 59cents each. I figure most  people use this for something throughout the year.  It’s nice to have on hand when you are putting together one gift or another.   Print tags

Maybe you have already done your neighbor gifts for this year, but  it’s good to be thinking of next year now and throughout the year.  Go to the after Christmas sales and watch for good deals throughout the year.  Years ago I found packages of pens for 25cents each at Target and bought as many as I could get my hands on. Then I shared a quote from President Eyring that talked about writing down blessings in your life.  You can make anything a neighbor gift when you put the right words with it.




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