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Chocolate Rosebud Boquet


The end of the school year is coming up quick along with end of year concerts and AAAA! Graduation. I have both of those happening in my family this year.  My daughter is on dance-co at her school and she was never in any real dance groups before, so I am the worst dance mom.  Her first concert, I didn’t bring her flowers but quickly learned that’s what they do after a big dance concert.  The next concert, I was prepared.  I got my daughter some flowers, I was so proud of myself for remembering. I wanted her to feel special and know that we enjoyed her performance.  She was polite and said thank you but handed them back to me and went off on her way to help clean up. Even when we got home, I put them in a vase on MY table. Sure, I did what seemed to be the customary thing to do after a dance performance, and it made my daughter smile for a minute, but she seemed indifferent about the flowers.

For her big concert in December I decided to do something different. I wanted to congratulate her on a job well done, but I didn’t want to waste my money on flowers that didn’t seem to matter (as much as I enjoyed having fresh flowers on my table).

Emma LOVES chocolate, as much as I do, so I knew a chocolate rosebud boquet would be perfect.  I looked at prices online and they are anywhere from $40-$80.  “PFFFT, WHATEVER! I’ll make my own”, and so I did and you can too.  This boquet would be great for any time you want to appluad your children for a job well done like any kind of concert, play, graduation, or even some white rosebuds for a baptism. Mother’s Day is coming up soon too.  I don’t know many women who don’t like chocolate, this may be great for that mom who has everything.

Items needed:

  1. Hershey Kisses- not quite a whole bag so feel free to snack while you create;)
  2. 2 Boquets of fake flowers- I purchased mine at the dollar store, just make sure the stems are strong, the kisses can get heavy (6 strong stems on each boquet).
  3. Red celophane– I had to improvise since I couldn’t find a roll of celophane ANYWHERE. I used celophane treat bags instead.  If you are planning ahead, you can use this link to order on Amazon.
  4. Floral tape

If you want to wrap your boquet like a real flower boquet you will need:

  1. Tissue paper
  2. Ribbon
  3. Clear celophane

First pull all the flowers off your boquet.  Then you will cut 12 squares of cellophane that are about 6×6″. Lay two kisses, bottoms together, in the middle of the celophane…

…and pull edges of celophane together and twist at the bottom.

Holding the twisted bottom of the celophane against the strong stem of your boquet, wrap the floral tape around both the stem and the celophane, overlapping as you wrap down the stem. Keep wrapping down the stem until you cover the celophane completely.

Repeat these steps for all 12 buds. There were plenty of the kisses left so I decided to give them to her as well, I put them in a clear bag attatched to the bottom of the boquet. I also had some clear celophane bags that I cut to fit the tissue paper.  Lay the clear celophane down first, then the tissue paper on top.  Now lay your boquet in the corner.

Then wrap it like a baby…or a burrito.  Bring the left corner over to the right side, fold up the bottom, then wrap the right corner around the left side to finish off.  Tie it with ribbon and your done!

Emma did SOOO amazing in her performance of the Wizard of Oz, as the grandpa.  Her whole team did such a good job, the whole thing was VERY enjoyable.

Emma loved the chocolate flowers and was sure to take them into her room later, where she could enjoy them.

How do you congratulate your children for things they do?  I love new ideas.


Make your own chocolate rosebud boquet for that special day. Graduation, concerts, or even Mother's day!/Chocolate Rosebud Boquet/


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    1. Meg Post author

      Justine, thanks for letting me join. These chocolate rosebuds meant more to my daughter than real flowers, That made it really fun:)

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