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Summer of Service from Power Up and Serve

Summer of Service -

It seems like the first few days of Summer vacation you feel such a freedom, but sooner than you think you begin to hear “Mom, I am bored!” coming from your kids in a nice and whiny tone. The kids start fighting and you begin asking yourself if you should make a chain countdown until they start school again. I know many of you mom’s out there are already feeling it like me!

When I saw this awesome e-book that Power Up and Serve offers on her website it was as if I had an “aha” moment! Yes! There are so many benefits to kids serving and once they get going they often don’t want to stop! Why not add this into the mix of Summer and make it a memorable one?

Summer of Service -

Power Up and Serve Summer of Service e-book offers:

  • 33 pages of a workbook designed to guide your child through 10 simple acts of service. This includes instructions, printables, and reflection worksheets.

  • These acts of service can be done wherever you live. Serving your family, neighbor, community, loved one, friends and more.

  • 10 Acts of Service: Sticky Note Attack, Serve Those Who Serve You, Encouraging Messages, Service at Home, Service with a Call, Service at the Park, Party in a Bag, Doorstep Service, Service by Mail, Random Acts of Service

  • Ages 3-7 will enjoy these activities with help from an adult.

  • Ages 8+ should be able to complete these activities with minimal supervision.

  • Just $1 per week. 10 weeks of summer=10 weeks of service.

You can purchase it HERE over on Power Up and Serve.

*This is a download, therefore no refunds will be given.

One of the things I loved about the workbook is that it has reflection worksheets – this allows the child to really think about what these acts of service did for others, and how it has affected them personally. I love that these can be done individually, or as a family. You can have some really great discussions together as a family for family time or family home evening. I also love that at the end of the reflection page there is a challenge for everyone to work on during that week – so the good does not stop when the act of service is done!

Summer of Service -

I love it when my kids see me being kind spontaneously and notice it by saying something or treat someone the same way I have in a certain situation, but I love these specific ways of serving others! I feel that when we take time to plan and carry out specific acts of service, this helps the child see the benefit and feel those happy feelings that come when they help others – the correlation is made and only makes us want to serve others more!

What is a service that someone has done for your or your family, or one that you have done for others?

See the Happy!

17 thoughts on “Summer of Service from Power Up and Serve

  1. ChrissyAdventures

    My little ones are all grown adults now, but I absolutely love this concept! Acts of service will establish an attitude of gratitude early one. Where were you 20 years ago when mine were little? LOL. I love your blog and shared it with my daughter.

  2. Toughcookiemommy

    I think it is so important for kids to learn how to give back to others and to the community that they reside in. This is a great way for kids to spend their summer learning how to be more selfless.

  3. Debra Hawkins

    Oh my word. I love this so much. I feel like kids can be so entitled these days. This is just what I need for my kiddos!

    1. Kirsten Post author

      It is so true – the entitled mentality is all over, and as parents we have to be careful not to feed into that. I think this is a great way to help our kids see why helping others is good for others and themselves!

  4. Nicola

    What a great idea…my two could definitely benefit from this. We’ve fallen into the trap of giving them so much and not expecting them to do anything in return and it would teach them that they could actually feel good about themselves by doing things for others.

    1. Kirsten Post author

      It really is so easy to give our kids all that we may not have had when we were small, but you are right – this is something that kids and adults can benefit from in the society we live in today!

  5. Anvita

    This is an awesome idea. I absolutely enjoy every opportunity I get to serve and help. Seem like my son likes it too. I would definitely look into this. Thanks.

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