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Couples Massage 101 Date Night

Date night for my husband and I, more often than not, seems to be netflix or going out to dinner.  We’re always running so crazy and don’t do well at planning ahead for date night.  And when we try to plan ahead, we can’t think of anything to do, or we just don’t have the energy.  My husband is so great and has surprised me with a handful of fun, unexpected dates that are really great but life is just so busy to plan extravagant dates all the time ( I really need to do better). Having time alone together can really help strengthen your relationship and I know this, but life gets in the way and every so often we find ourselves feeling like roommates, co-existing, rather than a couple. When we get to this point, we have to take a step back and recommit to putting more effort into US.  Not just the kids, the bills, the projects and other things that have to get done.

SO, I was super excited when we were offered the opportunity to try out Couples Massage 101 where we could learn from massage professionals, correct techniques to massage and relieve tension.  My husband and I love massages but the only way we really get them is if we give them to each other. Neither of us know anything about the correct way to give a massage either.  My husband is so good to me and gives me massages more than I do for him (another thing to do better).  Years ago I bought a book that teaches massage and pressure points, I think we may have looked at it once or twice over the years.  We just never took the time to read it through. Having someone show you how to do something is so much easier than reading about it and then trying to implament it correctly.

Feeling like this would be perfect for us, I signed up and looked forward to the day.  Plus I felt pretty awesome for setting up a date night that would be different, get us out of the house, and hopefully help us connect.  When the day finally came, it was a very full one.  We ended up having a very full day consisting of a baptism, a funeral (we had to split up for those ones), and mission suit shopping, before we would make it to this massage class. Before we made it to the studio, tensions were high as we had some heated moments with one of the kids before we left.  Then when we were minutes from the studio, my GPS began sending us in circles.  We were very frustrated with each other as we tried to figure out how to get where we needed to be.  We showed up late, not very happy with each other, but very much in need of this massage.  Within minutes we were able to relax and learn the awesome techniques taught there.

Sami was our instructor and I was very impressed with her knowledge of the muscles and massage techniques.  We learned that I carry A LOT of tension in my back and she was nice enough to show me some stretches after class, to help with that. Both Sami and another massage professional were very helpful as they walked around watching each of the couples try the techniques on their partner.  They were sure to correct us when we were not doing it right, or just needed more understanding of what we were trying to do.

We also learned that communication is key.  We had to let each other know what felt good, if the pressure was too much or too little, if we wanted more or where we wanted more etc.

They offer two classes: Upper Body and Lower Body. In the Upper Body class instructors teach moves for neck, shoulders, upper back, hands and more, and in the lower body class moves will be geared toward lower back, glutes, legs and feet.

So if for you, like us, your date nights need a little boost and you are looking for something different,  this can provide that as well as long lasting connection with your spouse.  The knowledge you gain here won’t be done when the night is over, but can really last forever. If you are afraid of forgetting things you learned, they give you access to online videos for reminders.

The classes are held at Move Dance Studio in Lehi, Utah. Saturdays from 7-9 PM.  They are a little pricey at $160, but if you use my coupon code KUSI you get half off. Go to their website to sign up.

Their goal is to give couples more tools to help each other live happier, more connected lives, as well as encourage deeper emotional connection as you learn to communicate through touch.


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