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Massage How-To For Couples Date Night

Last week my husband and I had the opportunity to participate in the couples massage night at The Zen Spot in Provo, Utah.  Jami Stillwell is the owner and has been doing massage therapy for 9 years. We quickly fell in love with Jami and her sweet personality.  She was so calm and easy going which made relaxing so easy.   She believes that touch and communication can help promote healing and stress reduction and can help strengthen relationships. Some people are uncomfortable with physical touch, but touch can be so therapeutic.

**I was given this couples massage night for free in exchange for a blog post.  All opinions are my own**

In this workshop you practice the skill of communication as your partner follows Jami’s instructions on how to massage your back, arms, feet, calves, and head. You must express how your partner is doing, i.e., “more/less pressure,  Up high is better, that feels great”! So often I expect my husband to know what I want by the look on my face or the tone of my voice, but let’s get real!.. The older I get, I realize the importance of actually speaking up about how I feel or what I need.  “Can you cut these tomatoes while I cook the pasta?”  “If you’re ready, can you help the kids find their shoes?”  “I need some ‘me’ time”. This workshop was a good reminder of how important communication is in relationships.

Jami brought us warmed towels to place on the back and neck when we were massaging there.  Anything warm is welcome to me, it’s so calming and soothing. The warm moist towel is used to increase blood flow which is best for healing the muscles.

Most of the massage is done in a chair, a little more comfortable than being on the floor the whole time.  When you do the head massage, that’s when you move to the floor- and don’t be afraid to say yes when she offers you a blanket.  She brought me this huge fuzzy comfortable blanket that added to the heaven I was already in.

We really enjoyed talking with and getting to know the other couples in the workshop.  In other classes I’ve been in, we were told to be quiet and only talk with our partner, which is good too, but I really liked talking with others.

Jami walked around and helped us understand where and how to massage correctly. The atmosphere was so calming as the walls and high sealing are white, she had soothing sounds playing in the background, and it was a small intimate space.  I am wishing now that I would have gotten more pictures of her space, but if you just look at the picture on her business card, you will have a good idea of how her space looks/feels.


2 hrs of giving and getting…It was such a wonderful date night. We went home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  WHAT COULD BE A BETTER GIFT FOR YOUR SWEETHEART!?  Valentine’s Day is coming up and I guarantee that this gift will be a hit! Ok I can’t guarantee it, everyone is different, but I bet the vast majority will love this gift.  For only $35, how can you pass this up?  You get a full body massage, a #1 date night, possibly new friends (better yet, get a group of friends to sign up with you and you can strengthen those relationships as well) PLUS skills that you can use over and over again in the comfort of your own home.  I seriously want to do this regularly and so does my husband.

AND GUESS WHAT!! Because you are awesome and you’re my friend AND because Jami is amazing, she has given me a code to share with you for $5 off, that makes this amazing massage date night only $30.  You can’t beat that. So go to Jami’s Zen Spot scheduling page and book a workshop today! Don’t forget to use coupon code KUSI to get $5 off.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day with your sweetheart!


Such a fun date night for real connection/Massage How-To at The Zen Spot/



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