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I Love the Poop Outta You- Toilet Paper Roll Printable

My husband travels a lot for work and being Stake President in our church, he is gone a lot with meetings and such.  Plus we have 5 kids who are getting older so I have at least two in the Young Men/Young Women program so there are camps and activities that he likes to go to with them, as a preisthood holder.  Because he’s gone so much, I like to find fun ways to tell him I love him or just send a “piece of home” with him.

Last week he had to go out of town for work Monday through Thursday.  The night before he had to leave he was telling me that he was already home sick, but hadn’t even left yet.  When he got home Thursday morning I picked him up from the airport, he came home and unpacked, then packed for girl’s camp. Within 30min he was off to girl’s camp with my daughter. Weeks like this get the wheels turning in my brainon what I can do to send some love with him.

About a month ago I saw this silly toilet paper roll on someone’s car dashboard.  It made me laugh and I knew that my husband would get a kick out of it. I just HAD to do this as one of my “love notes” for him, and what better time than girl’s camp.


I created this printable to make my own.  Print it HERE.

Print it out on standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.  Cut the width at 3 3/4″ wide. Then in order to make it fit around the TP roll cut a strip to extend the length around the TP roll (3 3/4″ by 5 4/3″) and glue it to the end.


Now glue it together around the roll.  I put my own personal love note on the back and sent it up with my daughter to give to my husband one of the days up there. He said he loved it, and every one else there thought it was great too!!



“Love is like a flower, and, like the body, it needs constant feeding. The mortal body would soon be emaciated and die if there were not frequent feedings. The tender flower would wither and die without food and water. And so love, also, cannot be expected to last forever unless it is continually fed with portions of love, the manifestation of esteem and admiration, the expressions of gratitude, and the consideration of unselfishness.” (Spencer W. Kimball, Marriage & Divorce, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1976, pp. 22–23.)

Love notes are just one simple way to feed a marriage. In what ways do you feed your marriage?


Print out this fun love note for a husband or a friend/ Toilet Paper Roll love note printable/


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