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Prank Bear Call Craft-A fun prank for camping trips

Origin of the Bear Call

This bear call craft is easy to make and fun to take on a camping trip if you want to trick your friends and make them think a bear is near.

We learned how to make this from my father in law who was quite the prankster in his day.  Oh the stories I’ve heard from him and others about how as a child he would hide in storm drains and grab ladies ankles as they walked over the curb to cross the street. Then as a young father my mother in law had fallen asleep in her chair and he snuck across the floor and grabbed her knee. She jumped so hard that she kicked him in the mouth and broke his tooth.  As an older fellow, he thought it was funny to have an air horn on his car.  At stop signs he would honk and scare the people walking. Even after he passed away and weird things happen, I think of him and wonder if Heavenly Father would allow spirits to play jokes on the living.Richard-Grappendorf-Obituary


My father in law studied zoology at BYU and UCDavis. He loved studying animals and knew and lot about them. With these two qualities (prankster and animal lover) it’s no surprise that he taught my kids to make this bear call to trick their friends.

What you’ll need:

  1. No. 10 can
  2. Shoe lace
  3. Nail
  4. Hammer

Make your Bear call

First thing you need to do is poke a hole in the middle of the can. Twist the nail around to make the hole big enough for the shoelace.

Pull the nail out 

Thread the shoelace through the hole and …

tie knots on both ends. DONE!

Make some noise

Now to make the bear noise- wet the shoelace and then drag your hand down the shoelace as you hold the can under your arm.  You don’t need to pull on the shoelace too hard.  But it does take a minute to prime it, and then make the sound.  Don’t give up! Just keep dragging your hand down the shoelace and it will start to kind of vibrate through your hand and then the can makes it sound louder. Watch and listen to the video of my 9 year old doing it.

Have fun with this! It would be especially good on a youth camp, scout camp, girls camp, youth conference etc.  My husband just got back from stake girls camp and there were many pranks going on up there. But once you’ve given your friends a little scare be sure to let them know that there really isn’t a bear.  We don’t want to cause too much anxiety for our friends.  My 6 year old will have to be in on the prank because he’s very scared of bears after watching Once I Was A Beehive, haha…NOT! Not so funny when your the mama bear and little guy wants to sleep in your bed because he’s worried the bear will come.  Yeah, he’s gonna be the one on the giving end, not receiving this little prank.

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