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The Silent Struggle of Anxiety

The silent struggle of anxiety is real for so many. The unfortunate stigma associated with anxiety of being “dramatic”, “flaky”, or “lazy” makes people feel the need to stay quiet about their reality. All the heightened emotions, the fight or flight response, or full-on panic attacks tell us to avoid certain situations and events.
The Silent Struggle of Anxiety
I love this quote “Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it isn’t so”. As someone who has suffered with anxiety for over 20 years, I am grateful to Bonneville Communications for sponsoring the series, and the Deseret News for shedding more light on anxiety by allowing us to share our stories. I feel that these articles will bring understanding to those who don’t experience paralyzing anxiety and hopefully let those who struggle know they are not alone.
The Silent Struggle of Anxiety

The Silent Struggle of Anxiety

My heart is racing. The rhythm of my heartbeat is off to the point that I can feel it more and more with each passing second. Not just difficulty breathing, but the sensation that I can’t breathe, the air trapped in my lungs and I begin to cough. Ice cold hands and feet that blankets, socks, gloves, and heating pad can’t warm. Numbness in my limbs just add to the loss of control of my own body, my mind racing with the thought “I’m going to die” over and over.

I had never been able to say I was grateful for my own personal struggle with anxiety, not until I began seeing symptoms in my daughter’s behavior, now 12 years old. She started around the age of 5 with obsessive thoughts that affected her ability to attend certain events. As I have tried to understand her and help her cope, my understanding of myself and others has broadened. Although each individual experiences anxiety differently, I believe that expectation and judgment is common among us all.

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The Silent Struggle of Anxiety

2 thoughts on “The Silent Struggle of Anxiety

  1. Kay

    Took a moment to re-read the article, loved it as much as the first time. I love what you shared because it helps me to better understand, and I think in some small measure we all struglle with this a little. Love you!

    1. Kirsten Post author

      Thanks for your sweet comment. I agree, I think everyone has felt these feelings at one point, and I am grateful when others share. It gives me an understanding, the world could use more of that for sure!

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