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Uplift Families Conference 2015


A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the Uplift Families Blogger Partner Luncheon at the Governors Mansion. It was so much fun being able to walk through the mansion and learn a bit of the history that took place there, rub shoulders with some amazing women, and learn a bit more about the First Lady of Utah Jeanette Herbert and her non-profit organization called Uplift Families.



I just had the camera on my phone, but as you can see there was gorgeous detail everywhere you turn – in the wood, the walls, and chandeliers – even the call board or bell system, Downton Abbey anyone?


Apparently Theodore Roosevelt even stayed at the Mansion with the original owner and Senator Thomas Kearns as they were friends. Lots of history there, so if you are interested they offer free tours, more info found here.


We were able to hear a bit about Mrs. Herbert and the reason she chose to start this initiative. She had 6 children of her own, and ran a Daycare and preschool for over 23 years. After having her kids quite close together she realized she did not have the answers to all the different situations and problems her children faced. She noticed that some of the parents who brought their children to her Daycare had it “together”, while others really didn’t. She began to read all the books she could find on parenting and began talking to her friends and the parents of her daycare kids. Unfortunately “kids don’t come with an instruction manual, and as parents we need all the help we can get.” She wanted to do something that would give parents the tools to help them in any stage of life that they are facing, and through that desire, Uplift Families was born. Each year they have a Parenting Conference with some amazing speakers, parenting tips, delicious food, and even giveaways!

This years conference will be held at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday, September 19th. Speakers include First Lady Herbert, Matt Townsend who is an expert in the field of personal relationships and focuses on communication, conflict resolution, and time management. Brad Barton, a motivational speaker who uses magic tricks as he motivates us to be better, Carmen Rasmusen Herbert who is as writer for the Deseret News, Clay Olsen co-founder of Fight the New Drug, Lucy Delgadillo a professor of Family Consumer and Human Devlopment at USU , and even some musical entertainment by Joshua Creek!


As you can see, there is an amazing line up for the night, and as a bonus I have a coupon code for you for $5 off! Just put in Kusi2015, tickets can be purchased at the Uplift Families website here . You get delicious dinner, desert, entertainment, giveaways, and you come away with new ideas and skills to help you be a better parent for only $20! The perfect date night, or even get some friends together to go! I will be there as well with a booth, so I would love it if you would come over and say hello!

For those of you who do not live close by or cannot make it to the conference, there is an awesome website available to you with videos and articles dedicated to helping us parents raise our kids. You choose from 3 different drop down boxes : 1 is the age group, 2 is the category, and 3 is the resource you would like to use. It is wonderful database with resources for kids at any age and issue that you may need a little help or ideas on how to address.

Uplift-Families-Packet-7 Uplift-Families-Packet-9

Just as Jeanette Herbert said “as we strengthen the family, we will strengthen our country”, I believe that to be true. As we focus on being happier parents, looking for ways that we can help our children be successful in family life, school, and in the community, we will be raising happier kids, and therefore strengthening our communities.

I hope to see you there!

See the happy!






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