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DIY Woodland Creature Ornaments



Dieter F. Uchtdorf said in one of his talks, “In family relationships love is really spelled T-I-M-E.” I believe this is true.  So here are some fun Christmas ornaments you can make with your children and spend time together as you get ready for Christmas.  I have 5 children from the age of 3 up to 16 so I decided to do ornaments that they all could help with.  AND I love to sew, so of course my ornaments involve fabric (absolutely no sewing though, so don’t get scared off yet:)

The things to gather are:0001-92192807

  1. Ultra Hold Heat n Bond
  2. Black felt- one square will be plenty
  3. Fabric scraps
  4. One piece of wire- or anything to make bird legs
  5. One heart button
  6. Five black beads-not sure of the size.  My bottle says 6/0?
  7. Black Fabric paint
  8. Fine tip sharpie
  9. Twine
  10. Glue gun
  11. Download the pattern HERE and HERE . As a reminder you do NOT need to have a Drop Box account. Once you click on the link, a box will come up, just click at the bottom of the box that says “move on to image” and you will be taken to the page to download and you can then print it off.

I had my 12 year old trace the pattern onto the paper side of ultra hold Heat n Bond.


I had my 6 year old cut the pieces out around the lines NOT on the lines, you will do that later, after you iron it to the fabric.


Now go to your piles of scraps and choose the fabrics that fit each animal best.  ALL the kids can help with this one.



My 3 year old loves to help me iron.  He always asks if he can “snoop it”, which means to push the steam button:)  You don’t need steam for this one but it is still fun to iron on the pieces to the WRONG SIDE of the fabric, set your iron to the cotton setting.


Now you can cut right on the lines of each piece, as I had my 16 year old do.


Then I had my 10 year old peal the paper from the back (kids love doing this part).


Lay out your black felt and any of the children can help to put together the animals.  The pieces will overlap each other.  Once you have the pieces in place iron them down.

piece tog

Then you will cut around the animal, leaving a small edge of felt around the animal.

Now for the finishing touches.  Hot glue the heart button on the bird and make wire feet for it, then glue them on.  Hot glue the noses to the fox, deer and hedgehog.  Then beads for eyes on the raccoon.  Use the fabric paint to add eyes to all the animals but the raccoon, who needed that for the nose.  Then use the sharpie to add any detail like the raccoon’s mouth (which you may not even be able to see), I outlined the lower part of the head on the fox and a little on the ears too.  Then glue on the twine for hanging and you are done.finished

These would be really cute with a popcorn garland (another thing the children would love to do). Crafting is a fun way to spend time with your children, why not make something useful, and pretty darn cute!!

This post is part of the 30 days of Homemade Kids Ornaments ,  check it out for other kid friendly ornaments to make with your family.


See the Happy!!


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