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Summer Bucket List

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For the last month or so I have been telling my children that they need to write down some things they want to do this summer.  We have been SO crazy busy lately that if we don’t make a plan, the summer will be gone and my children will be complaining about how lame our summer was when school starts back up again.

We try to do a bigger family vacation every other year and since last May we went to San Diego, we are going to keep things small this year.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t have BIG TIME FUN!!

We have have put our heads together and come up with some fun things that our family wants to accomplish this summer.  We want to share our summer bucket list with you.  It is based on Utah but can very easily be converted to another corner of the world I’m sure.  This lists may also trigger ideas of your own, which I would love for you to share in the comments below.


The first thing on our list is Cupcake Tours. My children love to watch Cupcake Wars on Netflix and we have even tried our hand at making fun cupcakes, so how could we not do something like this.  The idea was born when my daughter saw the cupcake shop near the boutique I sell my crafts in (The Quilted Bear in Draper Utah) and wanted to stop by but we didn’t have time.  I said, “we could add it to our bucket list…we should find some others to visit too and choose a favorite…LET’S DO CUPCAKE TOURS!!”  So to begin our list, I have found cupcake shops from Orem to Ogden that we will visit and can even combine the visit with other things on our list.  The fun things about this list (I learned along the way) is that a few are Cupcake Wars WINNERS!! (these are marked with CWW)


  1. Cupcake Tours-  Sweet Toothfairy Draper CWW
  2. Cupcake Tours- Sweet Toothfairy West Valley CWW
  3. Cupcake Tours- Swirly Girls South Jordan
  4. Cupcake Tours- The Chocolate West Jordan
  5. Cupcake Tours- So Cupcake Salt Lake City
  6. Cupcake Tours- Mini’s Cupcakes Salt Lake City CWW
  7. Cupcake Tours- Neighborhood Bakery at Gardner Village West Jordan
  8. Cupcake Tours- Cupcake Chic Orem-
  9. Cupcake Tours- Nothing Bundt Cake American Fork –
  10. Cupcake Tours- Ye Olde Cupcake Shoppe Odgen – Summer BL
  11. Catch Crawdads at Strawberry Reservoir
  12. Go camping
  13. Go on a hike
  14. Visit Hill Air Force Base Museum
  15. Go to an Air Show
  16. Go to the Zoo
  17. Go to a Splash Pad
  18. Frisbee Golf
  19. Ride Trax (light rail transportation)
  20. Gardner Village Summer BL1
  21. Play at a park
  22. Picnic in the Mountains
  23. Lantern Fest
  24. Mini Golf
  25. Trip to St George with Friends
  26. Drive-in movie
  27. Flower Pen Craft- Tutorial to come
  28. Star Wars Birthday Party for Tucker
  29. Harry Potter Birthday party for WillSummer BL3
  30. Swimming lessons
  31. Re-do Emma’s room (re-paint, re-decorate)
  32. Read a Book together as a family-  We chose BFG by Roald Dahl since the movie will be coming to theaters July 1st
  33. Go to the skate park
  34. Go shooting
  35. Have a lemonade stand- Maybe even make one
  36. Geocaching- Don’t know what this is? Check this out
  37. Lagoon
  38. Water Balloon Games
  39. Go to the librarySummer BL2
  40. Go fishing
  41. Have a read-a-thon outside
  42. Clean out the Garage
  43. Go on a bike ride
  44. Back yard movie night
  45. Pool Noodle Games-
  46. Make a boat and race it down a rain gutter
  47. Picnic at the park
  48. Make Foam Dough-
  49. Make a fairy gardenSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
  50. Wheeler Farm
  51. Visit our friend’s Cabin
  52. Make S’mores
  53. Discovery Gateway
  54. Lawn Twister
  55. Pick Berries on a farm
  56. Make Cupcakes and share with a friend
  57. Bowling
  58. Squirt gun fun-  AND
  59. Go garage sale shopping
  60. Stone Art

I hope this list helps to inspire you!!  Click Here for a printable copy of our Bucket List

As we have put this list together as a family, we have become excited for summer… Now if I can just make it all happen.  I am guessing we will need to hold some family councils to plan each week otherwise life will get busy with all the other craziness and we won’t accomplish much.




Sumemr Bucket List/ 60 ideas for you summer bucket list/

13 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

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  2. Beki Hancox

    THANK YOU FOR THIS LIST. THIS WILL GIVE ME, THE GRAN MooMoo, some ideas in case I need to help with my grands.
    Wherever we go I’m keeping a journal.
    Meg you, your mom and sisters are THE BEST!

    Mean it!

  3. Heather

    Excited to try some of these ideas! And hopefully I win the tickets to Odysseo. That would be a major summer bucket list item!

    1. Meg Ann Post author

      Brieanne, that is a great idea. We have a few of those pvc marshmallow shooters. In fact, my seven year old pulled one out the other day and I was finding marshmallows all over my house for a couple of days. Next time he has to do it outside;)

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