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“I’d Rather Be Flying”-A Father’s Day Gift Idea

This past weekend my sweet husband, that I love so much, came home from a Fathers and Sons camp out with a BUMPER STICKER on my van.  No offense to people who like bumper stickers on their car, but I just don’t care for that look. Something a little more classy or nothing at all is what I prefer.

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He has a car that he drives the majority of the time (as he rarely has extra people with him) and I drive the van (since I almost always have children with me)  so I call the van MINE and the car HIS (I know we are co-owners but…ya know!!)

I used to have a vinyl Tinkerbell on the van which he had to deal with through some scout camps (yes he got teased) and maybe 2 times a month that he drove it.  A couple of months ago I took off Tink and put on our blog website… to share the love.  I asked my husband what he thought about it before I did it because I didn’t want him to hate it or think it looked trashy.  He said he was fine with it.

On occasions like Fathers and Sons, where he has the kids, he takes MY van. On their way up to the place where they were going to camp, they stopped off at Hill Air Force Base Museum.  My hubby LOVES airplanes and all his childhood he dreamed of being a pilot.  As a young teen he was in Civil Air Patrol and he wanted to be in the Air Force when he got older.  Well, Heavenly Father had other plans for him and he didn’t fulfill that dream.  He still wants to get his pilots license some day and I believe he will, but for now he just drools over what he sees in the skies or at this museum.  I guess he got a little giddy and wasn’t thinking straight when he bought this sticker and threw it on my van.

When I saw that bumper sticker I was not happy, I couldn’t believe that he didn’t ask me.  He RARELY drives the van and this sticker says nothing about me other than my other half loves to fly.  blog bumper 2I just think it would be better on his car.  I asked him why he put it on MY van and not HIS car.  He said because he didn’t have his car at the time AND that he is getting rid of his car soon so he didn’t want to put it on his, just to get rid of it.   He said, “oh it’s ok, it won’t even last very long.” I told him I didn’t like it but decided to let it go.  The next day I woke up with it BUGGING me so bad,  is that the dumbest thing EVER?  Since my husband was at meetings I couldn’t talk to him about it so the whole time I was getting ready for church I was bugged and embarrassed to drive it to church for all my friends to see the new addition. Having more than one thing on my van makes me feel like it’s the wall of a teenager. I asked my 17 year old how much my husband paid for it and asked him if he thought my husband would be angry if I pulled it off my car and put it on his.  My son said that he thought my husband had put it on there more as a joke to see what I would say and how long it would take me to notice and that he thought my husband only spent $3 on it.  I decided to try and take it off and save it for his car.  I quickly found out that I would destroy it if I took it off, so I left it on.  I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t make him too sad to take it off before I did it.

At this time I also found out that my 17 yr old is embarrassed by it as well, that made me feel a little better as I thought maybe I was over reacting BUT THEN he tells me that he is embarrassed by MY website on the back window.  WHAT!?  Well, we went to church and backed in to our parking spot that faced some trees so no one had to see our embarrassing back window. (HAHA! Again, ridiculous).  I talked to my husband later that day and asked him if I could buy him a new one for his car and that I just really didn’t like it.  He kept teasing me saying that he just needed to even it out.  I had my sticker, he should have his.  He dealt with my Tink on it for so long, why shouldn’t I deal with his bumper sticker?  He said, “so if it said something else, you would be ok with that?”  NO, it is not about what it says (“I’d Rather Be Flying”) it is the fact that it is a bumper sticker. He said (which I knew wasn’t true) that he paid $20 for it.   I couldn’t tell with all the teasing if he was seriously going to be sad if I took it off or if he was really offended that I didn’t like it.  I want to support him in the things that he loves because he is so good to support me in all my craziness, so I left it there but I really don’t like it.

2 days later… I got a text from my husband, shortly after he left for work, saying “sorry we weren’t able to finish the conversation the other day but go ahead and take off the bumper sticker.”  I could just KISS HIM!! I am so blessed to be married to someone who cares what I think, listens to my whining and deals well with my ridiculous behaviors.  I will gladly take the bumper sticker off but I know how well that saying fits him and how much he probably liked it, so I decided to make him a much better looking sticker to put on his car.  And when he gets a new car I will make him a new one since it will be so easy to re-cut my saved SVG  that I made on Cricut Design Space.

Feel free to use this file if you have a hubby or son who loves to fly, a simple idea for a Father’s Day gift.  All you need is vinyl (the color of your choice) and the Cricut Explore Air.  I made sure to wash the window good so the vinyl would stick well.

The next day… This morning I put the vinyl on his car and it looks great! blog bumper1He told me that he didn’t really like the look of the bumper sticker and that he LOVES the one I made for his car.  I’ll tell you what, If you put a bumper sticker on your car, you better be sure you like it, especially if you put it on the paint.  That thing left behind a thick layer of sticky gunk.  I tried an oil/baking soda method that has worked for me in the past, getting sticky labels off jars.  That method didn’t even touch it.  I scraped what I could with a flat razor blade and that just got the thick part of the sticky off.  I then had to use mineral spirits (making sure it didn’t get on the paint of the car) and a lot of elbow grease to get the rest off.  Now it looks so much bumper

Have you ever heard the phrase, men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?  I totally agree with what this phrase means:) We think so much differently… yet we compliment each other so well.  I can’t live without my “man from Mars”.blog bumper3Blog bumper 4





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