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Mama Bear- Mother’s Day Gift Idea

I recently saw a shirt that said Mama Bear on Pick Your Plum (a charming online shopping website that offers fun daily deals) and decided my mom had to have one. BUT, as always when I see something I want to buy, my first thought is, ‘can I make that?’ In this case YES, yes I can. Because with a Cricut Explore Air, I can do all kinds of impressive projects.  I wanted to not only have it say Mama Bear like the one on line but I wanted to add a picture of a bear to it as well.

My mom’s name is Terrie and her parents called her “Ter Bear”. This endearing name has stuck with her over the years and, I’m sure, brings back many memories for her. Well, not only was it a nick name but she is somewhat of a Mama Bear to many: The people she works with, friends and neighbors, and obviously her family.  When I was young my mom served as the Relief Society President.  She often helped people who struggled, and she showed love for all.  To this day she is still one who people share their stories with, some happy and some sad.  At work, church, or even the grocery store people open up to her.  She has a gift for listening and showing people she cares.  So I think this shirt fits her in more than one way.  I am excited to add this to the other gift we will be giving her on Mother’s Day.

Items Needed:

  1. Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine
  2. Cricut Iron On Lite, Black-10×9′-12×12′ depending on the size of shirt (color of your choosing)
  3. T-shirt
  4. Iron and ironing board
  5. Scissors and Cricut Weeder tool (shown in picture further down)

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I designed my own Mama Bear shirt on the Cricut Design Space then cut it with the Cricut Explore Air. You are welcome to use my design here. I made it to be the mirror image because I forgot to choose mirror setting when I attempted my first cut and I thought it would make it easier for you.  This one is 10×9′ so if you need it bigger or smaller you can adjust it as you wish.  blog mama1

Don’t forget to set your machine on the “Iron-on” mama5

With it being the mirror image you can throw your vinyl on your mat (shiny side down… yes I made that mistake as well) and push “GO”, without even thinking about it. Easy Peasy !blog mama4

Now peel the extra vinyl that is around your image off, leaving your cut-out on the plastic film, this is called “weeding”.  If you use this weeding tool it sure makes it mama6

Follow the directions for the Cricut iron-on to iron your image to the shirt.  The only thing I would add to their directions is to put a piece of thin cotton fabric over the film before you iron it on. I tried it on another project after and it definitely goes on smoother.  Be sure not to iron it too long.  The instructions say 25-30 sec but that was a little long, 15- 20 is more like it but maybe my iron just runs hotter. blog mama3

And here you have it! A quick, easy Mother’s Day Gift.  blog mama11    blog mama9



Mama Bear-Mother's Day Gift Idea/tutorial for a Mama Bear t-shirt/

Mama Bear-Mother’s Day Gift Idea/tutorial for a Mama Bear t-shirt/

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