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Blending Fun with Tombow Dual Brush markers

blog-tombow8Over the last few months I have become a little bit obsessed with hand lettering.  I want so badly to be able to write beautifully like Melissa Esplin or Lisa Funk (these are only a few that I follow who have great skills)

And I am seriously mesmerized by these kinds of videos .  I can honestly sit and watch people write or draw for hours.

So in my quest for awesome handwriting I started following these talented women, and others.  I grabbed me a sketch book and some handwriting practice sheets and bought marker after marker, searching for ones that would give the brush lettering look.  I finally found the Tombow markers that are awesome.  I am not great still but I have learned a few things.

I was especially excited for Pinners Conference (this past weekend) as there was a few hand lettering classes by the women I mentioned earlier. BUT by the time I got on to register for their classes, everything I really wanted was full!! I was super bummed. I guess there are a lot of people with the same desire as me.

I really kick myself for not getting into the class.  I just saw that Melissa Esplin teaches classes all the time but guess how much a brush lettering class is…$135,  WHAAAAAT!!!!!!!  Next year I am registering the first I hear about it.

Well, as disappointed as I was,  I still stopped by for some shopping and while I was there, I grabbed Lisa Funks practice book… blog-tombow4

…and I was thrilled to see the Tombow booth where they had make-and-takes. blog-tombow

Here are the ones I did. When I put this picture up on Instagram and Facebook I had a number of people ask about it and want to learn more.  So I decided to do a post showing you all this technique I

Here is the kit I bought from them as it has all the things I used for this simple project-except watercolor paper.  All of these are found separately on

It contains:

  • a blending kit- this kit has a laminated piece of card stock, a mini squirt bottle and a blending marker. If you would rather not buy this kit you can use a zip-lock bag or a laminated piece of paper.  Any squirt bottle should work. The blender marker comes in many of the 10pack markers, but is actually not used for this project.
  • A glue pen- this repels the marker if you want to have white letters. I haven’t tried this one yet.
  • 5 different colors of Tombow dual brush markers.  I dare someone to try good old Crayola markers, I wonder if it would work.  I may just try it and let you all know.
  • 1 Tombow Fude Soft Brush Pen- This does the smaller, more fine lettering like the “Always” on my Make-and-take. I Love This Pen!!

In my video I did not use water color paper.  For practice, sketch paper works but I recommend when you make something you are serious about (gifts tags or art for your child’s bedroom), use water color paper.

Here is the video, then below I have written out each step.  Now, this is only the second video I have done for the blog so don’t judge. (I have no idea why it is a sideways view.  I recorded it with my phone right side up)anyway, it shows you what to do.  I decided to put it to music because my house could not be quiet when I was recording.  You don’t need to hear all the silly sounds my boys were making in the background.

  1. Choose 2-3 colors and scribble some splotches on your laminated card stock.
  2. Spray that with a good amount of water.
  3. Lay the watercolor paper on laminated card stock.
  4. Gently pull off, setting card stock aside.
  5. Blow dry the art you have created on the water color paper
  6. Before you write directly on your art,  you may want to practice writing your word on a scrap piece of paper, with your markers. When brush lettering you typically push hard on down strokes and very light on up strokes, giving it that awesome brush look. blog-tombow7
  7. Then GO FOR IT!! Write the word you have chosen on your paper- You can probably write with a pencil first if you are afraid but I say, just do it:)

Have fun! Get creative!


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 Blending Fun with Tombow Dual Brush Markers/ Learn this simple blending technique with Tombow markers/

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