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Burlap Garland

Garland tut1When I think of fall decor I think of burlap.  I love this burlap garland that can really be used for any season/holiday, but my favorite time of year to pull mine out is fall and Christmas.  This is such an easy project, you really don’t need any crafting ability.

All you need is:

  • 60 ft of 5 1/2″ burlap ( I bought 2 30 ft rolls)
  • Twine, 3 yards will give you enough to play with (You can use other string, I just like the look of twine)
  • One tapestry needle



Thread the twine into your needle.  Then starting at the corner of one end of 30 ft burlap begin making large stitches going in a zig-zag design.
garland tut


Continue the zig-zag design all the way to the end of the roll.  Stitches do not have to be the same size. In fact, the less regular your stitches are, the better it looks.  Once you have finished the first roll add the next roll the same way, starting in the corner making the zig-zag stitches all the way to the end.  (There is no need to attach or sew the two rolls together as it will be so bunched together that you won’t even see where the one ends and the other begins.)


galand tut1


As you go, push the burlap down the twine, bunching it up.  You can make this more or less full as you like.  Maybe you like yours less full and can do it with one roll of burlap.  I personally love the look of it bunched up fairly tight.




When you are finished adjust the burlap along the twine as needed, making it the length you want, then  cut your twine about 10″ beyond the end of your burlap. I like to make slip knots so that I can hang it on a hook or whatever will be holding it up.  The Command plastic adhesive hooks are great because they are not permanent so if you like to change things up you won’t have holes all over.



Now hang it somewhere beautiful! Add other garlands or even lights at Christmas for more color and fun.

This is a picture of one I made for a good friend of mine, she was so wonderful to let me come take a picture of hers as my mantel is under construction.  Isn’t it awesome to have friends to share talents with?  My friend and I trade services, she does my hair and I sew/craft for her.  IT BRINGS ME SUCH JOY!!

Garland tut2

If you happen to want one of these cute burlap garlands, but don’t want to make one yourself, I do sell them. Send me a message through my Sew Beyond Beautiful Facebook page and I can get one going for you!

See the Happy!!


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